Stay tuned for inspiration and updates

We will be posting anecdotes, updates, and inspiration from the book journey here.

Now that it is in the hands of our publisher, it is beautiful to look back on our journey. As I write, the woodstove is warming our home– a home we built with our hands, two cordless power tools, and not very much money. Years and many stories after we first walked the land in 1996 , we knew it was the moment to carve time from family, work, and farm responsibilities to reflect. Over four years and especially during the winter months when the fields and our youth and community programs slowed, we spent a morning each week writing story upon story and reading them to each other at our farm table after breakfast. Then we organized and edited these again and again, and put together the complementary field guide activities that stemmed from our own process, teaching and workshops for couples. The book includes both our unique and united voices. It is our greatest hope that the stories and practical tools within offer inspiration, laughter, and concrete ideas to support others in crafting a loving and meaningful life. Did you check out these excerpts?garlic heart copy

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